How do I design and create my own WBA inquiry unit?

To become a Master Builder, WBA teachers engage in the process of curriculum design for themselves by building their own inquiry units, with guidance and support from WBA History Educators. 

WBA teachers on the Master Builder path will have already earned a Journeyman Badge by studying and teaching model WBA inquiry units that:

  • address an essential question through a series of lessons around a particular historical topic and culminate in a writing task; 
  • demonstrate close alignment of historical understandings, historical thinking concepts and skills, and Common Core reading and writing standards; and
  • follow the principles of backward design––lessons are carefully constructed and sequenced to support students’ success in engaging with the essential question, practicing Common Core-aligned skills, and completing the writing task.

Master Builders create, test, and revise units that are informed by their experiences using WBA inquiry units in their classrooms.