Apprentice Builder

The Apprentice Builder starts on the path toward becoming a Master History Teacher who creates effective Common Core aligned lessons in U.S. history. To earn this badge, a teacher must:

  • Study a Who Built America inquiry unit and pass a multiple choice quiz with a score, demonstrating understanding of its historical content and aligned Common Core standards. (View Sample Quiz)
  • Prepare to teach the inquiry unit by revising lessons and materials to meet students’ needs.
  • Reflect on the experience of teaching the unit with an ASHP History Educator; select and annotate student work to identify student struggles and strengths.
  • Revise lessons and materials based on reflection.

Why? Teaching model lessons, then reflecting on the resulting classroom experience and student work with expert mentors, gives teachers the guidance and practice necessary to design their own Common Core aligned history curriculum.

Earning this badge allows the teacher to proceed to Journeyman Builder.

The work for this badge represents 8-10 professional development hours.