Master Builder

A Master Builder is well along the path toward becoming a Master History Teacher who creates effective Common Core aligned lessons in U.S. history. 

To earn the Master Builder badge, a teacher must:

  • Propose his or her own inquiry unit to WBA History Educators; the unit must address one of Who Built America’s essential questions.
  • Design the unit by defining historical understandings, selecting and modifying documents, creating a sequence of lessons that align to Common Core reading standards and historical thinking skills, and developing a culminating writing task; notify a WBA History Educator about when you expect to teach the unit.
  • Teach the inquiry unit to at least one class.
  • Reflect on the experience of teaching the unit with a WBA History Educator; select two examples of student work and annotate them to identify student struggles and strengths.
  • Revise lessons and materials for future use based on reflection and analysis of student work.

Why? After teaching and learning from model lessons, teachers should have the opportunity to design their own Common Core aligned history curriculum with support from expert mentors.

Earning this badge completes the sequence of Builder badges, a major milestone in earning the ultimate Master History Teacher badge.